Grace/16/female/ cosplay hobbyist- ask me anything (:


ahhh holy shit I have a lot of stuff to make!

. fursuit head

. homestuck world models

. squiddles, and lots of them - Sollux, Terezi, Dave

. vodka mutini plush

. Calliope scalemate

. Zillyhoo

. clay horns

. Axel wig-styling

That’s only the things I can do right now- I have the things for them. There’s another heap of of things I want to do but I need to get stuff for… ugh.

Cosplay hobbies= EXPENSIVE. D:

New years goals
.cosplay a butt load of people with good butts

.get a lead (woof)

.make gifs

.get my girlfriend to do cosplay shiz with me